Our Services

Our goal is to help you feel good about the care you are providing to your loved one’s resting place. We offer several packages to help you achieve the right balance for your situation. We will work with you to choose the level of care you would like it to receive. Some people are looking for a simple yearly clean up, while others prefer a monthly check-in. Our maintenance options give you the flexibility to decide what works best for you.

We maintain headstones to an exceptional standard, ensuring they do not become weathered into a state of disrepair. We understand you may have personal requirements, and we will be more than willing to discuss these with you provided that they are within local authority and church guidelines and regulations.

We also work alongside local headstone and memorial businesses, meaning we can renew or repair headstones and grave surrounds.

Each visit includes the following general maintenance:
• Overall assessment of plot condition.
• Trimming of grass around headstone and edge of plot.
• Removal of weeds.
• Removal of all debris (old flowers, plants and other litter).
• Washing of memorial pots and liners.
• Cleaning of the headstone or memorial to remove any surface dirt, bird droppings and surface algae
• Pruning of any heathers, shrubs, small trees or other plants infringing on plot.
• Washing of any decorative glass chippings, stones or gravel if required. • A before and after photograph for your records.
• Placing of fresh and seasonal flowers (requests welcome)
• Prayers and messages can be supplied to us by you and we will read them at the graveside. (Complimentary)

Our eco-friendly solutions are specially formulated to remove environmental pollution, this includes: dirt and stains from algae, lichen, mildew and mold.
To avoid damage we never use:
• Abrasive pads
• Acidic cleaners
• Bleach
• Commercial surface cleaners
• Granular cleaners
• Household cleaners
• Jet washing equipment
• Metal instruments
• Wire brushes

Additional options
• Replacement vases/flower holders
• Planting of bulbs or flowers





You can also choose to have us visit the grave site to carry out a clean and flower presentation around special dates of your choice, including:
Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s/Father’s Day.