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Headstone Cleaning | Graveside Maintenance

Let us remove the hurt and worry off your shoulders.

When a loved one passes on you want to honour their memory, by taking care of their final resting place.
You may live too far away, unable to drive or too ill to travel, too busy with family/work commitments, or simply find it too difficult to attend the grave.

We maintain headstones to an exceptional standard, ensuring they do not become weathered into a state of disrepair.
We understand you may have personal requirements and we will be more than willing to discuss these with you, provided that they are within the local authority and church guidelines and regulations.

We will work with you to choose the level of care you would like to receive.
Some people are looking for a simple yearly clean-up, while others prefer a monthly check-in.
Our maintenance options give you the flexibility to decide what works best for you.

Our Services


We maintain headstones and their surrounds to an exceptional standard,
including planting & pruning plants & shrubs.


We also work alongside local headstone and memorial businesses,
meaning we can renew or repair headstones and grave surrounds


Using specially formulated eco-friendly solutions we remove environmental
pollution, this includes: dirt and stains from algae, lichen, mildew and mold.